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Marriage stages

OMGGG I just need to share this post and video I found in FB to you guys who are getting married and already married. If you are wondering that you feel that you are the only one who is experiencing this and having said that you can't actually share much about your marriage life to anyone and felt depressed, you can read this article from Ukti Safiyah or even better watch her video!

Ukti Safiyah was explaining the raw reality of marriage where people always thought it is the nicest, fantasy-like, happily ever after endings. Well, its not. Its the beginning of new life. She spoke my heart out. The reality of marriage can make you depressed if you don't get it right and felt like this is not what I signed up for and gave up. There's a video to the article which I find it easier to digest before you read the article.

The article link:

I will point out some of the things that I myself le…

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