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Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya everyone! I know it's 22 Syawwal already but like yeah,it is still Syawwal.

How's everyone's Hari Raya visiting coming along? I really love mine! (because I got to jalan raya with my maternal side more this year) and it was fun! Of course it is different this year as most of us are married and have different raya visiting timings but we sure did had fun still especially the convoying.
It was my success also as I managed to cook for A's family Ayam Korma and gave some to my mom too for some of her guests who were visiting. We did alot of budgettingas I was just starting my new job and have not get my paycheck yet at that moment of time. Our baju are mostly recycled and we only spend most of the time baking cookies. A did quite a lot this year compared to me. I baked Cheesestick for my mom and choc chips yg tak menjadi for mil's place.
Speaking of which, it is our 2 years being married and celebrating raya at our mil's place. I really hope and …

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