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Melbourne, Victoria, Australiaaaaaaaaa

Supposedly I was going to create a list and pen down on my thoughts about my "upcoming" trip but my job right now no chills man. Every time there's always peak period and I don't really have much time to write at home after work. Sigh Pie

Anyways, I will let you know the experience of having to travel with big groups + makcik2. What I can say is that it is tough. Your inner self saying you want to explore the town and go all out but we have to think of them, their energy and HUNGRINESS (ok, not only them. Us also lah)
Physically, in front of you, they will say they are okay but they get tired easily. And sick. Leg cramp, pain knees, giddy, fatigue and all.They overthink and scared. This is normal. They will overthink about alot of decisions that we make and whether it is safe bla3.They will start to be pushy, naggy and authoritative (which eventually I gave up and walked away)

But all in all, we managed to get things done and cover 90% of our planned itinerary.

Day 1…

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